Geography final assignment

Now that you have learned about the field of geography you are in a position to think about how you can apply the knowledge, perspectives, and methods of this field to your own life, whether it be your personal or professional life (or even both). To conclude our class, demonstrate to me how you plan to apply some of these aforementioned components of geography in your own life moving forward. Tailor this essay to your own future plans. The content for this essay should reference specific content areas that we covered in class, such as text book, documentaries/films, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). You may use and cite outside sources as you see fit, but it is not a requirement. I am concerned here principally with meaningful content, clear writing organization, and a professional-quality writing style. This is your final chance to submit a major assignment for this class, so make sure it is polished and professional!

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Geography final assignment
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Chicago style. 

2-3 pages double spaced (no spaces after paragraphs)

times new roman

12 pt font 

1 in margins (default standard in Microsoft word)

page numbers required

title page required

works cited not required if no outside source used


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