Generating a Research Topic

Assignment Guidelines
This exercise will help you brainstorm potential academic topics for your argumentative research paper, which you will compose in the next module. 

Answer all prompts below. Each prompt’s response should be at least 100 words, although greater elaboration is encouraged. Due by the end of class today.
You should respond to at least two other students within 48 hours of the initial due date. Your responses to your classmates should be thoughtful and engaged. Ask questions of each other; disagree with each other; prompt further conversation with each other. Please do not simply respond with “cheerleading” responses.

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Generating a Research Topic
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Please answer the following prompts: 

Make a list of at least three debatable issues that interest you, and write a short paragraph about each. Write about what you know and want to know about each issue, and explain how each topic may be important to a current audience. Aim to select topics that are complicated and debatable. Make sure these are issues that you could research academically (so arguing to add a stop sign in your neighborhood would not work) and that you could argue practically (so stating that all guns should be banned would not work).
Discuss which topic you think would work the best for this project and why. Identify some research questions you’ll ask as you seek to learn more about your topic. You can also pose questions to your classmates about your topic.
Identify the stance you intend to take about this issue. Also, discuss any potential biases, obstacles, or disagreements you might face in an audience. 

Acceptable Length 
Your original post must be in paragraph form (numbered for each prompt), and your responses back to your peers must be at least one full paragraph each (100 words).

Formatting Requirements
Please compose your answers in a Word document first so you will not lose your work. 

– Thesis Statement
 I’d like for you to have a tentative thesis statement for your research.
Remember that your thesis statement will have these components:
1) the subject
2) your position on the subject
3) at least two supporting reasons for your position

For example: “North Carolina should stop using public money for private school vouchers because it violates the constitution and is harming public schools.”
Your thesis statement will form the foundation of your essay – guiding both your research and your writing.


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