General Math

Use the the Library, magazine, newspaper, or the Internet to research and find a situation where data has been represented by a visual aid and where you believe the visual aid is being used in a manner that evokes emotion or in a manner that misrepresents these data. Note: Some graphics may not be copied and pasted into the DB thread correctly. Please insert your graphics into a Word document and attach the Word document to your DB post so your classmates are able to see your graphics. Discuss the following:  

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General Math
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  1. Provide your choice of visual data representation displayed to demonstrate your thoughts.   
  2. Explain in detail how you think the data are visually misrepresented or designed to evoke emotions that may cause someone to make an incorrect decision (and be sure to state which emotions).   
  3. What types of visual data representations do you find most informative? What about the data representation influences your belief?   
  4. What type of visual data representation do you think would best display percentage information? Why do you believe this?   
  5. What type of visual data representation do you think would best represent a comparison of similar data from three different companies (e.g., net annual profit for last year)? Why do you believe this?


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