Gender Issues SPMT 601

Instructions: You are the coach of a women’s team (Basketball) at Texas University. The team has been finishing below .500 for the past five years and your athletic director just told you the president is thinking of dropping the program. The president/principal doesn’t see the value of women’s sports anyway and since the team isn’t winning he/she has a hard time allocating funds to support the program. 

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Gender Issues SPMT 601
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Your athletic director has asked you to create a Power Point presentation for the president/principal showing the importance of keeping the women’s program and the benefits to the institution. Your presentation should either be narrated or include a notes section (see description of notes section below) which has exactly what you would say with each slide. Your presentation should be between 10 and 20 slides. The first slide of your presentation should provide the demographics of your institution, it can be fictional or real, but needs to provide name, location, student body numbers, number of student-athletes, number of sports, level of play, etc. 

Notes section: The notes section in PPT allows you to type your script so when you’re showing your presentation you can read directly from these notes. Under view in the PPT document you can click on notes to see it.  



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