Full House

Full House “What you see is not all you get” portrays a theme that includes entertainment, consumer products, and advertising. This is a topic that all human beings can relate to. We all have either a “hero,” who now in days has to do with celebrities, food, beverages; and they all part of our culture today. While I was reading American Idol Worship, I thought about a show I had seen that made me suspect a hidden message or agenda and I came up with Full house, a popular television show.
Full House was loved by every age group because the family had different age and gender actors. It was a show that taught a lesson from each episode regardless of the age group that was watching, but people did not pay attention to the hidden message. For example, seeing such a big family stick by one another and learn from each other’s mistakes, which does not happen too often in real life. Problems do not get solved that easily, and life is way come complicated than what it was being demonstrated in the show.
It was a show that a family could have watched together because it was not just about children, love, or work but about a regular Americans that dealt with problems that many of us were able to connect to within the only thirty minutes; which is unrealistic. Thomas de Zengotita in his article “American Idol Worship” mentioned, “American Idol drew almost twice as many viewers than awards show” and I can connect this to full house. When a show consists of artists of actors’ people can relate to.

They tend to bond and somehow find similarities between them and their “hero”. Many start to pay attention to their acts, style, and much more. “Before you know it these celebrities become people’s heroes,” and they start expecting their loved ones and others to act like their “heroes. ” For instance, many of the parents compared their children to the actors and they expected them to act the same way as the children in the show. Children wanted their father, and uncle to be just like Danny and Uncle Jesse.
Another example would be Uncle Jesse who was the handsome looking, talented, but yet the bad boy that all the viewers were in love with. We all tend to believe and get attached to the media really fast and it makes our lives complicated. “What you see is not all you get” does not hit us in the spot. We have to talk and talk about it to find out the hidden messages, and aspects in commercials, movies and shows that at first brain wash us.

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Full House
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