fsmt340 week 5 forum and responses

What is the most common material used by arsonists to start fires? Why? 


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fsmt340 week 5 forum and responses
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Arsonists use several different ignition points which are flammable liquids like gasoline, smokeless gunpowder, rags soaked in kerosine, ropes used to light the fire or newspaper, waxed paper used for a tinder or fabric softener strips. Even furniture is great for arsonist to use.

When these matetials are spread out around the area and the fire starts it will spread, it follows the liquid trail layed out by the arsonist.

There are different motives as to why arsonist do ehat they do. They are hired for money to do a job or they did the crime themselves and they are hiding it. Covering up a murder, getting rid of evidence or a burglery.

The other is that they can’t control their urges, which is Pyromania.  It is an impulse control disorder. For the arsonist it could be to relieve tension or for instant personal gradification. It also can be tied to political gain.

https://www.usfa.fema.gov › outreach


Arsonist Materials

For this week topic we will cover the most common material used by arsonist to start fires and why. The most common is what we scene in movies and in safety videos because them telling what not to do to prevent fires is usually the common and most sought way to start fires for arsonist.

Next we will cover the materials like gas, matches, trash can fire, hay, alcohol, stove, propane and electrical. Most of these items are easy access to everyone and a course if not handled properly can easily start fires. And most mixed together make it easier to start the fire. And arsonist know from movies and shows that fire usually hide all signs of arson if the fire gets big enough for which is the reason 20% of fire are proven to be arson due to evidence.

These materials listed above are the most common materials used by arsonist due to there common mistake of fire and simple fact to cover tracks with fire. Which is worse because most of these items are accessible to mostly everyone and even located in there homes.


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