Foundations of Human Development in the Social Environment

The foundation of human development, responds to the breakdown of its commitment to the development of attitudes and skills, which facilitate authentic personal, spiritual, and social development and the transformation throughout an individual’s life p. During an individual’s life p, the foundations of human development begin to change, as the direct result of the social environment. Contact within the social environment, such as various relationships with others, causes growth and change in human development.
The understanding of culture and the importance of cultural competency are major factors in the development of humans in a social environment. Various aspects of development are combined together to make up an individual’s growth and development. The basics of human development in the social environment must focus on the dynamic interactions among biological, psychological, and social aspects of development. The understanding of human development requires the comprehension of the various ranges of issues, people are facing as they continue progressing in life.
This understanding includes the entire life p of an individual. The life p includes infancy, childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. Each individual may face different situations in each of the different groups of the life p, which could cause alternative responses depending on physical appearance, knowledge base, or even socializing. The focus of understanding of human development in the social environment includes these three theories, biological development, psychological development, and social development.

These signs of development together can be referred to as bio-psycho-social development. Biological development includes the physical aspects of the individual’s personal life. Psychological development is the individuals functioning and cognitive processes. The social development brings out the individuals interaction with others around them. In this era, diversity and cultural competence are extremely important to understand, regarding the foundations of human development in the social environment. Diversity can alter or affect an individual’s behavior in many ways.
Diversity is considered when an individual is different, or composed of differing elements. Therefore, diversity can include different nationality, gender, sexual orientation, age, class, disability, gender identity, immigration status, political ideology, and religion. At any time, an individual is determined as belonging to another group, different from the majority, the individual is considered to be subject to the effects of diversity. Many children coming from different countries have a problem with language.
Not being able to speak the language of the community can cause huge barriers for the children to overcome. Many parents believe that the key to a successful life and fulfillment is to get an education. These parents encourage their kids, that with an education nothing can defeat you. It is also very important for the social worker, or human service provider to be comfortable with diversity, and is culturally competent. Cross-cultured means the individual appreciates and compares the differences and the similarities of different cultures as well as their own.
The general systems theory based on order, explains why the scenario is what it is. The study of social systems perspective gives the identified assumption that there is an underlying intelligible general order in the world to which all matter relates. Therefore, social order is a subset of general systems, and works together to form the theory of order. General systems theory has become more than just a theory; it has become a way of life, and a part of how we communicate.
This system begins by using a reduction method, breaking down the individual by parts, which is what we may call simplification. This idea ensures each part of the whole is more manageable, and understandable. In this conclusion, the human development in the social environment can be changed by the stimuli of the environment or subjects surrounding them. The interaction between the bio-psycho-social dimensions of development, the concept of human diversity, and the cultural competence are all part of the general systems theory and social order.
Explaining the reason why we do the things we do, challenges we face while pursuing our goals, and the changes in our personality and human development in regards to our social environment. Although, there are many factors that affect individuals as they pursue a life full of dreams, one thing is for sure, education is very important, and the environment in which an individual surrounds himself or herself with will influence decision, actions, and development of each individual.

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Foundations of Human Development in the Social Environment
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