Types of Grants
Review the websites listed under the Required Readings section of this week’s introduction. Discuss the various types of government and private foundation grants that exist. Identify at least three categories of private grants and three categories of government grants. Briefly describe the purpose or intent of each category.
Required Text
O’Neal-McElrath, T. (2013). Winning grants step by step: The complete workbook for planning, developing and writing successful proposals (4th ed.). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.
· Step 3: Writing a Compelling Problem Statement
· Worksheets (Links to an external site.)
Required References
Wise Geek.
This site offers a list of different types of private foundation grants.

Good Morning –
The types of private grants are about as numerous as the foundations and private enterprises. Some organizations are even created around a grant and perpetuate their mission by offering additional funding to others. “Rules” for these vary as much as the organizations offering them. The organizations may make money during a year and may be required to “share” with others by redistributing it. Some for-profit organizations (think Microsoft for example) have parts of the organization dedicated to philanthropy and grant funding.
In the federal government sector, four grant types are generally recognized.
1. Competitive (Discretionary) Funding – These are sort of up for grabs depending on the agency.
2. Continuation Funding – Even if your project was granted, you will have to apply for additional funding (often annually) to keep going. You are never guaranteed that the amount will be the same, and you can even be de-funded.
3. Pass Through Funding – These are Federal grants give n to other entities to distribute. There may be a mental health grant for research, and the state where the research is conducted may control the funds.
4. Formula Funding – These are non-competitive and usually provide funds upon application if the recipient criteria are met.
You can find the general guidelines for grading these discussions in the course materials and at the head of the discussio

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