Forum – 150-250 words

 The Introduction:

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Forum – 150-250 words
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We discussed biological evolution  in our lesson in Week 1 and 2. Just to recap, biological evolution can  be defined as: the process of gradual change during which new species  arise from older species. The concept of biological evolution is  considered both a scientific theory (which is different than a theory in  the colloquial sense), and a scientific fact. Like all theories in  science, however, evolution is also subject to refinement and discovery  based on new findings. Even today, we are discovering new fossils, or  using new technologies to analyze older fossils. In either of these  cases, we are discovering new information about the past, that we can  use to predict the future.

This week, we will look for modern-day examples of biological evolution, those that were recently discovered, the use of newer technologies, or simply finding out more about past projects.

You are to find an article on biological evolution.  If you are stuck, a great place to start is either the APUS library or Google Scholar: using choice keywords (“evolution” or “current topics in evolution” brings up a lot of results).

  • Choose an article that is different than your classmates – which means you should have a very descriptive title to your post.
  • Summarize the main points of the article.
  • Was there a new technology used? How? What did it discover?
  • Was there a new species discovered? New information on an already discovered species?
  • What was the species? What was the information?
  • What were the methods used? Is this groundbreaking?

So far, bedbugs is the only topic that has been used.


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