for Natural Science Guru M7D1

M7D1: Individual and Cooperative Deviant Acts

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Upon successful completion of this activity, students will be able to:

  • Analyze social phenomena utilizing theoretical frameworks
  • Identify ethical problems faced by individuals or communities and identify effective solutions
  • Explain the concept of social deviance and provide examples of deviant behavior in social context
  • Acquire a basic understanding of how to apply theories of deviance to their own personal and professional experiences

As you read Chapters 40-41 and watch all of the YouTube videos for this module, look for as many examples of individual, cooperative and confliction deviant acts as you can find. Consider the structure of these acts from their conception to the beginning, middle and end of the act. Think about how many of these acts are “ criminal” and how many are just deviant. Do you think criminalizing this kind of act would stop people from engaging in it? Are there other ways that they could accomplish their deviant goals without this act? Would those alternate acts be more or less harmful to themselves or others?

After reading Chapters 40-41 and watching both YouTube videos, describe one of the deviant acts you have seen or read about. Describe the conception of this act (if applicable) and the beginning, middle and end of the act. Discuss why you believe it is an individual or cooperative act of deviance. What makes the act you are describing deviant? What is the deviant goal that the individual(s) seek(s) to accomplish? Discuss whether you believe acts like this one ought to be illegal. Why or why not?

Evaluation Criteria

Your initial post should be at least 250 words and must substantively integrate the assigned readings in the instructions with proper APA style formatting.


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