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For this dropbox assignment, please do the following:

Please pick 2 different case studies.  These should not be the case for your presentation. 

For the first case:

1.  Provide the title of the case and also provide the main ethical issue.

2.  Summarize in a paragraph or two what the story is.

3.  Explain what went wrong in the story.  Here, be sure and tell me what went wrong regarding the main ethical issue.  After you have done that, you can also explain if other things went wrong as well.  (This is often what happens in these case studies.)  Just be sure and delineate between the main issue and other sub issues. 

4.  Explain what should have happened.  Again, do this for the main issue first.  Then, you can explain this for the sub issues as well.  Just make sure I can tell between the main issue and the sub issues. 

5.  Explain at least one new thing you learned from this case study.

6.  Take a look at the presentation itself.  What did the student do well?  What made this interesting to you?  etc.  Is there anything that would have made the presentation better?   Did you learn anything about presentation styles while reading this?  In other words, is there a take away for you when you are again preparing a presentation for an audience so that you can make sure it is pleasing to the eye and informative for the audience? 

Next, look at the second case you selected.  Answer the same questions as above for this case. 

There is no minimum word requirement.  Answer the questions fully and completely.  Remember, I will randomly select cases for part of the final exam.  So, at some point you will need to review all of the different cases.  

Brief Overview of Chapter 3 – Trust Your Gut or Go with the Flow:

Brief Overview of Chapter 10 – Boss, We’ve Got a Problem:


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