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Choose any case that you worked on in this course. Complete a 15-20-slide presentation (not including the title or reference slide) of the case analysis. Add to this analysis for depth where needed as you may have not done this in a previous assignment. Pretend you are presenting your case findings to its organizational leadership. Use the case analysis format to include:
Title slide
Introduction (brief description of the organization or department) (1 Slide)
Definition of the problem (1-2 slides)
Identification of the stakeholders (1-2 slides)
Analysis (1-2 slides) (The SWOT is an example of what to use here)
Identification of alternative solutions (1-2 slides)
Evaluation of alternative solutions (2-3 slides)
Solution (Justification) (1-2 slides)
Implementation steps (include stakeholder issues and how to communicate the findings) (2-3 slides)
Conclusion and reflection of this process (1-2 slides)
Resources slide (APA formatted resources and reference list) (1-2 slides)
Use the noted format in PowerPoint for elaboration of slide content
Use the audio function in PowerPoint to make your verbal presentation.
 As in all assignments, cite your sources in your work and provide references for the citations in APA format. 
Submission Details:

Your assignment should be addressed in an 15- to 20-slide audio PPT presentation.

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