For daisy Arabella 4 and 5

Assignment 4:  Due Aug 10-11, 18

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For daisy Arabella 4 and 5
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Referring to the same RFP you used in the previous assignments, write a 3-4 page paper in which you:

  1. Develop a Proposal Responsibility Matrix (considerations, responsibilities, participants),
    Proposal writing schedule (process)
  2. Document production management considerations for proposal administration.
  3. Proposal configuration management.
        – Considerations for proposal presentations to the customer agency – presentations to effectively communicate firm’s proposal to complete the solicitation process.
  4. Capture Team (members, purpose)
         – Roles and responsibilities of Capture Team
         – Proposal management (work schedule for the proposal, responsibilities, control measures, communications)
  5. Typical actions of a “Capture team” Collect intelligence to develop or refine a post proposal review outline for a company’s “capture team” to be used in reviewing the team’s performance on developing the proposal and the company’s lessons learned in pursuing the RFP, outline the type of information that should be captured during the proposal process and customer/competitor information that would be useful in helping the company be successful in pursuing contracting opportunities in the future.

Assignment 5: Presented on Weekend of Aug 10-11, 18

Red Team Presentation: (Ref p. 151, Osborne). Given your building of previous assignments, which have lead toward your company submitting an RFP, develop a proposal outline that responds to key RFP elements, analyze the requirements in the RFP and describe the type information your company would need to provide in each section of the proposal.


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