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For this Assignment, you will attend an Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meeting either in your area (in person) or online (resources are provided below). After you attend the meeting, write a reflection of your experience using information from the assigned Reading. Remember that these meetings are anonymous so do not provide specific information about others who attend the meeting.
To find local NA/AA meetings consider the following Web Resources.

Support Group Finder (Type in your area for a listing of local NA/AA meetings.)

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To attend an online NA/AA meeting:

Open AA Meeting Online
Open NA Meeting Online

Write a 2-page paper explaining the template provided.
Resource: Support Meeting Template

Discussion Topic 300 words count
In this Discussion, you will discuss how risk and protective factors help decide an appropriate level of prevention for clients. The risk factors differ by special population membership (e.g., young adult) and by individual risk factors (e.g., drug experimentation). Please discuss the following:

Using the results from the CSAP (assigned reading) report,
 describe at least two of the major findings from the report. Explain how prevention specialists could use these findings in their work with clients.
Choose one of the following special populations (senior citizens, middle school students, young adults, middle age adults, Native/Alaskan Americans, or mothers) and at least one risk and protective factor associated with that group in general.

Explain the three levels of prevention. Describe one of the prevention models (chapter 16) including information about level of prevention, history of the program, and its reported effectiveness.


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