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 Respond to students post below in 50 words
Shefonda post

 Decision making can be hard enough but when we have to consider ethics and decision making we can tie ourselves up so tight we stop making decisions entirely. Being ethical does not always mean following the law. And just because something is possible doesn’t mean it is ethical, hence the global debates about bio-technology advances such as cloning. And ethics and religion do not always concur. This is perhaps the trickiest stage in ethical decision making, as sometimes the subtleties of the issue are above and beyond our knowledge and experience. Listen to your instincts – if it feels uncomfortable making the decision on your own, get others involved and use their collective knowledge and experience to make a more considered decision.

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Vicky Post
Having an understand of the correct way or the proper way to communicate can be the difference between having a successfully business or not.  In business you have to be careful to not come across to strong but with enough authority to get your point across. If you want your team to work together you have to make sure your ability to communicate so they all understand  what is needed to achieve what needs done.When communicating you need to be careful not to offend or insult anyone so they feel you are looking down on them . When communicating in business there is no room for assuming everyone understood what you meant. I ran a pizza business for years and when dealing with people from different backgrounds it important that you make them all feel like they are important and I am not talking about the different cultures. I talking about communicating with your employers and customers as educated individuals . Never talk to them like the are not  educated enough to understand you. Communicate in a professional way but not to the point that you seem superior or better than them. When communicating remember never assume they all understand make sure they understand  what you expect of them.

Discussion Question 250 words in length 
Assessment: Meeting the Needs of All Children
A principle of assessment in early childhood education is assessment should be fair for all children.

Identify populations of children that this principle refers to from your Readings and why is it important for assessment to be fair to all children?
Relating fairness in assessment, think about the site you are considering for your field experience in this course. Discuss the following:

How diverse are the children at this site?
Explain how the diversity may affect assessment.


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