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Parent-Teacher relationships are extremely important for a child’s school career. Not only does this help a child’s academic side of school but the behavioral side as well. I think something that some parents do not realize is that communication needs to go both ways. Yes, a teacher should be communicating with the parents how the student is doing emotionally, socially, and academically but the parents need to be communicating as well. If something is going on with the child or family that could affect the child in school then the parents should be communicating this to the parents. We had a kiddo earlier this year that began acting strangely. He was starting to talk about going to the hospital and being put to sleep and was just really jumpy and scared. We finally talked to the parents and found out that, in two days, the child was going into surgery to have the doctors reconstruct his ear canal because he had an infection that had eaten away the bone and was causing him to become deaf! In two days, and we had no clue!!! Obviously, this would have an affect on the child and it would have been helpful to know this information way before we finally found out!

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I have many personal values, and I try to hold myself accountable for the things that I require of myself. I want to be a great person to everyone with a healthy mind and body. I value the ability to think for myself and to be a leader. My morals and integrity are extremely important to me, and I will stop at nothing to make sure that I am on track. I think that being a good person takes you a long way. As an empath there are many things that effect me and my mind but in order to remain afloat I focus on my values. My values impact my workplace performance and relationships at work in a good way. I stay out of trouble and others don’t mind helping me in situations because I am easy to get along with and I am coachable. Some colleagues may be uneasy and easily disturbed but that usually changes when they come in contact with me because I try to remain positive.

I noticed observing in different schools they have different community expectations. This however is comparing a village to a town. The children who live and go to school in the village all the parents know everyone this makes it easier for everyone. When the school has their end of the year picnic, each child has at least one parent or guardian who will be there to celebrate. However in the town they don’t do anything even remotely like it. I think the little village I observed is like its own protective bubble and everyone is like family.

As a parent, I would have to ask myself is my child learning and are they reaching their educational potential? Is this issue going to affect the way that they learn and will they get distracted? The other thing that we need to consider is the grade level that they teach because if it is elementary then I do not think that this should be an issue. If we are talking Middle and high school then yes I do believe that this is going to be an for them because they are at an age where they are curious. I do not believe that she should not be fired because we all a past but we should not let our past define us. The same thing could be said about able an exotic dancer who works to pay for law or med school. Does thing mean that she can’t be the best doctor or lawyer? What is your opinion class?

How are educators viewed in a holistic manner? How does that role play on values and decision-making?


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