follow the step and write a 250 words summary

Step 1:
Review the following online sources on how to write a summary:

Process for Writing a Summary: (Retrieved August 6, 2010)
Summary Writing: (Retrieved September 18, 2016)

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follow the step and write a 250 words summary
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Step 2:
The International Child and Youth Care Network is a ‘virtual’ network that you can access through the CYC-Net website: . Go to the CYC net website and explore it. You are encouraged to join this network and become part of the international CYC community. To join, click on “The Network” and scroll down the menu to “Sign up.” By signing up you will regularly receive e-mails with CYC-related information, discussions, job postings and job searches.
Next, within the CYC-Net website above, find a CYC-Online journal and look for articles that interest you. There are current and past editions for you to review.  Pick an article about an area of CYC that you might want to learn more about. Write a summary of the article of no more than 250 words, and post it to your discussion group. Be prepared to answer any questions your discussion group members might have about the article.


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