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Jack Leng

English 4 P3


10 Dec 2018


Do people change by their ambition? From the book Macbeth from England author Shakespeare, this is the most tragedy book he wrote. This story happened in Scotland, England. Macbeth is a cruel person because he is overconfident, greedy and is not able to truth. But my opponents think Macbeth is a hero. 

Macbeth is often overconfident. He thinks nobody can kill him. When Malcolm and Macduff come back to attack the England. Macbeth said: “Go pick they face and over read the fair.” (V, iii, 14) This shows that Macbeth still do not worry about himself even his servant tells him ten thousands enemy are going straight to come kill him, and he is so confident that he can fight anyone. This is important because his overconfidence cause his death. Moreover, when Macduff has the final fight with Macbeth. Macbeth said that: “Thou loosest know as easy Mayes thou the influence air… To one of woman born.” This shows that Macbeth thinks none of man out of woman’s womb can not kill him. Therefore, he still can not believe he will lose the fight when thousands of enemy surround him.This is important because it fully demonstrate his overconfidence which makes him lose himself. Because of his overconfidence, he suddenly understand his fault at his last minute of life.

Macbeth is a cruel person character because he is not worth trusting. When he betrays king Duncan, “Words to the heat of deeds too cold breath gives” ( II, iii, 61-62)This shows that he is disloyal to his king who treat him with full heart. This is important because it shows Macbeth is not able to trust. And when Macbeth betray Banquo, Banquo said: “O, treachery! Fly, good Fleance, fly, fly, fly!” (III, iii, 18) This shows that Macbeth is trustless. This is important because Macbeth can betray his best friend who go to the war together. Macbeth is a cruel person although he needs to kill the his king and best friend to be the king.

My opponents think Macbeth is a hero. When Macbeth saying to lady Macbeth: “I dare do all may become a man, who dares do more is none. ( I, ii. 47-49) This shows that Macbeth was scared to kill king Duncan at first. But he know what he should to do to become success. This is important because Macbeth is a real man who make decision to achieve his goal by anyways. When Macbeth tells Lady Macbeth: “ I can settled, and bend up Each coppola to this terrible feat… False Face must hide what the false heart doth know. (I, iii, 80-84) This is shows that Macbeth has a strong mental goal which he knows what he have to do to be the king. This is important because he lost many things to become the king. My opponents think Macbeth is a hero who made by that time. But I think people can not do whatever they want to become the success. It still have laws and basic characters to limit ourselves.

It is too cruel to betray and kill king and best friends. Overconfidence and greedy can make people lose themself. In the society, people always wants to become success or make money in a illegal way. Therefore, it affects many other people’s life. People should have the basic moral accomplishment to solve the problem and become success.


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