First Semester In College

To many people, starting college is something they are really afraid of because college is where things get serious. It is like a whole different level of education. High school is nothing compared to college. This scenario was the complete opposite to my thinking. After graduating from High school, I really wanted to go to college to take another, huge step towards my career. I had a decent amount of friends who were going to Middlesex county college and they told me that this college is good to start off with. So, now I find myself in this college.
Although I was looking forward to go to college, my first semester was hard time to go by because of new people, new classes and new teachers as well. In my life, I continuously meet new people every now and then, and college was no different. Even if I had friends from high school going to the same college, I didn’t have the same classes that they had. So the first day of college I walked into a class completely full of strangers. I had no idea how old they were, where they were from or what kind of personality they had.
But I eventually got to know some of them as weeks passed by. It was nothing like high school, people are actually really nice to you even if you do not know them. In high school there is a lot of criticism depending on what you look like. Your race, your gender and many other things. College was a complete opposite. Along with having new people in my classes, the classes itself were really different. Classes in college differ a lot from classes in high School. There is no reason one should say that classes in college are similar to the classes in high school.

Subjects that you get in colleges are way more advanced than the ones in high school. The material is made in a way that you know it is trying to say that I need to know more about a lot of things. A person may think they know enough to be in the class but once you start getting into more things, you will know how much you think you know and how much you actually know. On top of all this, new people, classes, the teacher are new too but that is not the only reason. I have had new teachers in high school mostly every year but it is totally different than having teachers in college.
Teacher in high schools know what you already know and what you need to know. They know what you are capable to do and how much work you can take and be able to accomplish it. If you are in college, that means you know a lot and you should be capable of accomplishing nay task given by your teacher. This is definitely true because in my math class my teacher gave our class a lot of work and expected to us finish everything without any help. Teachers really expect a lot from me. This is called college it might be exactly what you think it is or completely different than your imagination.
For conclusion, First semester of college was hard because of new environment with new people and a whole different place. But on the bright side I successfully completed my first semester. People are usually stressed about college but even if everything is different once you are used to it you will like it. It is like a kid going to kindergarten for the first time and he or she doesn’t like it but eventually it becomes your daily life routine and you will blend into it. College is the biggest step you will take forward towards your career.

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First Semester In College
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