In a Word document, write #MyWordsChangeLives grant proposal in paragraph form that includes all of the following components:

Issue: Provide a brief overview of the context of your issue. What statistics do we need to know? Why is this an important issue? What is already being done about this issue? What needs are not currently being met? This is the research element of the assignment. Include information from at least 3 reliable sources to help us understand your issue and campaign. Cite those sources using APA style, in a Reference List at the end of your proposal.
Headline: What is the “headline” of your campaign? What phrase or hashtag will you use? Why those words? What makes them effective?
Message: What is the subtext of the campaign? In other words, what messages are you communicating by the headline? Explain.
Audience: With whom is your campaign designed to communicate? Why will your headline and approach be effective with that audience?
Approach: What exactly will you do in this campaign? Will you focus on social media, or public space? Will you use videos, photos, music, or other media? Will you use Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube? Maybe you want to go out into the world and plan a concrete physical campaign similar to “You Are Beautiful” or “Before I Die.” Describe your chosen approach in detail. If you would be implementing your campaign in public space, describe where you would situate it, and why. Explain why your approach will be effective.
Theme of Civic Engagement: In which area of civic engagement does this campaign best fit: Associating, Serving, Giving, or Leading? Explain.
Materials and Cost: The grant is for $1000. How would you use that? What materials and resources will you need for your campaign? This may include physical materials and/or costs of labor. Use the internet to identify sources for your materials and supplies, and to approximate costs. Include citations for any informational resources you use.
Method of Evaluation: If you implement your plan, how will you know if it is successful at improving things in the area you are addressing? What specific outcomes will prove that your campaign has been effective?
Concluding Plea: Summarize your argument in one concluding paragraph and make it as persuasive as possible. Why is YOUR chosen issue so important, and why will YOUR campaign design be effective? Finally, why are YOU the right person to put this plan into action?
Reference List: Be sure to correctly cite any quotes or statistics. Use APA style. Use a minimum of 3 different, reliable sources. Include both in-text citations within your essay as well as a reference list at the end.

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