Final Summative Paper

Please watch the following TED talk at this sight: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. 
Write a two to three page APA formatted paper with at least two outside sources addressing some the following (see below for further instructions):
How does this video give insight into the subjects covered in in the course such as:
Evaluating Products and Processes
Evaluating final product.
Elements of teamwork:

Developing and using evaluation criteria

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Final Summative Paper
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Evaluation tasks:

Mission, Vision, and Values
Making the steps to achieve the goal operational
Making progress operational
Leadership skills and behavior styles
Evaluating throughput subprocesses – planning and communicating, leading, performing tasks, coordinating, structuring, satisfying, relationship to organization, and evaluating
Evaluation on outputs – product, development and learning, effectiveness
Measurement in evaluation

Obviously, it will difficult to answer everything listed above. Determine the salient points to present in your paper.  Include:
-Brief introduction and summary of Ted Talk
-Paragraphs or sections for each of the salient points you address
-Conclusion:  sum up what in your view were the most relevant or important concepts you learned during this course.  
Be sure to include cover page, page numbers, at least two outside sources (include as citations and also as references in a separate reference page at the end of your paper).  


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