final stats

1. Develop 10-page research paper using the attached dataset (Prescott_Parcel.xslx)

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final stats
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2. Assignment possible points: 150

2. Paper should comprise of the following structures:

– Introduction – Paper must define the problem scope and outline the objectives of the analysis in a clear, concise, and professional manner (1 page)

– Data Presentation: Paper must present a summary of data in an accurate and professional manner, and provide accurate interpretation of the data. Make sure you must provide a table showing summary statistics (descriptive statistics) of selected variables in your regression model and provide a brief description of those data. (1 page)

– Model Specification & Development: Paper must specify the appropriate linear regression model in an accurate and professional manner. Provide accurate equations for selected linear regression model(s) with the detail description of the notation of each variable. If you estimate more than 2 regression models, provide the detail justifications for doing it(2 pages)

– Interpretation of Results: Paper must provide a clear, concise, consistent and accurate summary of results from linear regression model(s). Discuss the statistical significance of each variable, and justify the sign of each variable. Also, discuss the meaning of slope for each variable. The interpretations must be understandable to the general public. (2.5 pages) – Also keep in mind that 1E-10=0.0000000001

– Policy Recommendations & Conclusions: Paper must address policy recommendations and/or implications in the business world in a professional manner. In other words, students must provide a clear recommendation and plan of action that government agency or property developers must take in their future decision making process, based on the results from linear regression model(s). (2.5 pages)

– Integration of Biblical Principle: Paper must identify and integrate biblical principles into the decision making process in an appropriate and insightful manner (1 page)



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