Film (Due 5pm est)

There are many characteristics that define films of the Italian Neorealism and French New Wave movements.  Clear lists and examples can be found in your readings/viewings for this week. These were very powerful movements that continue to have an effect on the films we watch today.  
In this discussion post please highlight 3 different characteristics from either the Italian Neorealism or French New Wave movements and explore how/when we see these them in current films.  Please include in your original post:
1. a clip of said film
2. the characteristics from either movement evident in the film
3. where you found these characteristics (citation) 
The goal of this exercise is to simply become familiar with the characteristics and begin to recognize them in films, not to find a current example of an Italian Neorealist or French New Wave film.  I assume that most of you have yet to see a film from either of these movements, which is why we begin looking at how the characteristics are applied in films we do know.  These movements had huge effects on the films we watch today, and the goal is to take note of their influences.
Below are a few clips from films from each of these movements just so you get a sense of what they were about! (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.  Breathless (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.  
The Bicycle Thief

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Film (Due 5pm est)
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