Film Appreciation

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Write a minimum of 200 words in each cell (not including the quote) of the following questions in the matrix: Include one quote of your choice (minimum one sentence) in each cell that resonates with you from the eText coupled with your response related to the question. Be sure to include quote marks. Identify page/author from eText. Do not turn in any other form. Use the worksheet below.




Reflect on the information garnered from the Introduction in The Film Experience and answer the following question: Why should we study film? What is the value of studying films? What do films teach us? How do they reflect/create cultural value?


Reflect on the information provided in Chapter 1of The Film Experience: What are the stages of filmmaking and how does each stage condition become what we see on the screen?


Describe film distribution and promotion. How do these two aspects influence reception?






Film Appreciation Worksheet:  At least two quotes in APA style related to film production technique terminology are required! Examine the eTexbook (by Phillips) (with page number. The page number can be found when you click on page text and observe it in the lower lefthand box)  or another reputable film site.




  1. When deciding to go to a movie, what influences your decision-genre, director, star, and so forth-regarding which movie to choose? 

After consulting the Phillips eTextbook  or another reputable film analysis online source, please answer the following:  In addition to entertainment, most movies are produced to convey the filmmaker’s point of view or messages the filmmaker considers important. How do you identify a film’s theme? Think about your favorite film. What do you think is that film’s theme? To what extent does the theme contribute to making this your favorite movie? Can you enjoy a movie without agreeing with the filmmaker’s message? Why or why not?   You must include a textbook  direct quote (with page number. The page number can be found when you click on page text and observe it in the lower lefthand box) , or YouTube clip, or a link to a reputable film analysis Website to define point of view or other key film terms and/or to support your answer to my posts or posts you make on your own initiative. ALL RESPONSES AFTER THE INITIAL STARTER QUESTION NUMBER ONE WILL REQUIRE ATTRIBUTION TO EARN AN S POST. SEE INSTRUCTOR’S POLICIES. BEST OF SUCCESS TO EACH OF YOU! 





This is the book we are using in class

Corrigan, T. & White, P. (2015). The film experience (4th Ed). Boston, MA: Bedford/St. Martin’s.




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