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Mind and Body 
Presentation Instructions      
How do you interpret “mind-body” interactions? Choose any topic that you think 
illustrates your interpretation and create a 5-7 minute presentation. The purpose of 
this presentation is to teach your classmates about a particular topic that you think 
illustrates the theme of this course. You can choose a topic that is listed in the 
syllabus, and find a specific example of it, or you can choose a topic that you would 
have liked to have seen discussed in class. You MUST have your topic approved by 
me. You will lose points on your presentation if you do not have your topic approved 
by me. Each student must have a presentation of 5-7 minutes, with PowerPoint 
slides (or other visual media, like Prezi, etc.).  This is the information that you must 
include in your presentation:
1. Background information on the topic (general summary).
2. How do you think the topic illustrates the “mind-body” connection? Is the topic 
more focused on the “mind” or the “body”?
3. Why did you choose this topic?
4. Something really interesting that you learned about the topic, something that 
surprised you, that you never would have thought about.

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fecal transplant ppt
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