Feasibility FINAL

The Gaining Mall of Torsi has started the trend and we’re just going to be counting a few years more to finally see Torsi become one of the busiest business districts in the county. Torsi is a big district. It is rich in manpower and natural resources. Getting businessmen to invest in Torsi, Dave City is not going to be hard. Because the demand is high, commercial establishments will be built in the district. These commercial establishments cannot just attract customers because of the products and services that they offer. In this digital era, many people always look for picture perfect spots to do their daily activities.
Aside from that, the biggest industry where the demand for landscaping is the housing industry. Subdivisions, especially high end villages are in dire need of landscape services in order to keep their tenants comfortable and happy, to attract more tenants and buyers for these real estate properties. This is where the need for landscaping comes in. Netscape services will help buss nesses attract customers who will later on post their pictures with the landscapes as their background. They will post these photos in social media and it will automatically become a free advertisement for the business.
In addition, it will also attract real estate buyers who are looking for high end properties. Who would not want picture perfect backgrounds at the comfort of your home, nowadays? LOGO The logo of the business includes a vector image of a blooming flower in pink and a cursive letter B. This design came up in order for it to become very recognizable as it is simple. Complex designs may just be difficult to remember for people who saw it just once. Simple logos are utilized by many gig household brands such as Milliner and Procter and Gamble.

This can also help the business to become recognizable just with its logo. NAME OF THE BUSINESS The name of the business is BLOOMS Landscaping Services. BLOOMS is made up of the first letters of the surnames of the company shareholders. The surname initials of the shareholders were arranged in such a way wherein it sounds like the word ‘BLOOMS’. It is closely related to the main business of the company which are the flowers that bloom. In this case, people who get to know about the existence of this company will closely elate it to the business of flowers and landscaping itself.
This makes us a recognizable brand in the first years of operation and a household brand after many years of being established. The challenge of being recognized by prospect customers is very crucial In starting a business. There are already many competitions around and many of them have been established for years. The challenge for them only includes innovations and improvements in their companies. They already have years of proven excellence and have passed the phase of introducing their businesses. Meanwhile, we are only beginning to show the people what we can do for them.
We don’t have concrete and finished masterpieces yet because we are just new. Thus, we should be able to convince them to trust us in making masterpieces for them. The first step for that will not be about the quality of our work nor the price that they will pay for us. Instead, it is the name of our business that we will tell primarily. It is BLOOMS Landscaping Services that they will hear and with a catchy name, they will be willing to hear our propositions about their needs. They will allow us to listen to them and in the ND, work for them.

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Feasibility FINAL
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