Famous Thinkers Narrative Essay

Famous Thinkers Roxanne Serna PHL/458 July 30, 2012 Trisha Mc Aloon Famous Thinkers Throughout time, there have been many successful people in the world. Famous people with great minds to create new things that would change history itself. In today’s world, the two famous thinkers that have been chosen for this paper truly created a new nation for us. Through persuasion, creative thinking, through their assumptions, that would prove later to be the best possible outcome. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. , famous for his “I had a dream” speech, Franklin D.
Roosevelt was famous for creating a better nation during the, “Great Depression”. These two people truly had a great and creative mind to have come up with the ideas that they had. That one day those ideas that they had would change our great nation. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. , was famous for his “I had a dream” speech, which was given in 1963 during the ‘Freedom Walk in Detroit” (Brown, 2012). He was a contributor to pushing the Civil Rights Act, in which, Dr. Martin Luther King attended the signing ceremony of the bill in 1964 (Burro Jr. , 2002).
He was a person who believed in freedom of all people regardless of race or color of their skin. He was passionate about what he believed in and used god as a tool to guide him through the road that he walked. Martin Luther King Jr. , not only a spiritual man but also one that would leave a legacy in history. During the time that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was trying to fight the great fight of segregation he was also arrested may times. The arrests were because of not have a permit to demonstrate. Even with these obstacles he was able to continue with his fight for freedom.

He overcame these obstacles by being resourceful and learning what he needed to do in order to continue on with his hard work that he had been putting in for the rights and freedom of the people. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s. , goal was for freedom for the people to have a right to go where they pleased and so that they did not live in fear because of the color of their skin. A minister, who did not believe in violence and would not associate with any other groups that promoted violence, he chose to deal with getting things done in a non-violent manner.
There was even a time when Black Muslims in Harlem assaulted Mr. King (Brown, 2012). Dr. Martin Luther King was even more respected by the people because of his ways of dealing with the issues and handling the issues in a non-violent manner. Through Dr. Martin Luther King efforts he was able to get the Boycott that bus segregation is illegal, Bus segregation was ruled illegal on November 13, 1956, Civil Rights Act signed on July 2, 1964, The Famous speech “I had a dream”, published a book called, “Stride Toward Freedom”, won the Nobel Peace Prize on December 10, 1964 (Brown, 2012).
He had so many other great accomplishments throughout his life. He was Man of the Year in Times magazine, this was because of all the accomplishments he made in a non-violent way. He was a man that was viewed by the public as a man who can provide the knowledge of how to go about changing segregation. Dr martin Luther King Jr. decided one day that enough was enough and segregation had to be changed. Maybe it was god calling him to try to achieve the unachievable. That is what was though during those times. Segregation was such a major issue that was troubling the African American citizens.
I believe Dr. Martin Luther King had to really think and devise a plan that would be error proof. His tactics of non-violence was through he trained mind that he by the power of god would make such a great change. His thinking process was very critical at times, depending on what type of situation he faced. He had to think carefully about what he was going to do and how he would go about it. Creating and organizing his marches and speeches, keeping the people on the same page as what he believed in. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as a very creative and critical when dealing with the ideas and issues he faced. Franklin D. Roosevelt was born in New York in 1882 (The White House, 2012). Franklin D. Roosevelt was also known by FDR. Throughout this paper, we will refer to him as just that FDR. Among many famous thinkers FDR was well know for the “100 days”. FDR became president in 1933, there were many changes FDR planed to do within ‘100 days’ (FDR Library and Museum, n. d. ). During this time was there was lots of turmoil because of what was known as ‘The Great Depression’.
He was one of the only Presidents to have severed four terms in office. During his terms in office, he created programs that would still be used today. FDR was such a creative and ingenious person. He created the Agricultural Adjustment Administration and Civilian Conservation Corps, aimed to bring economic relief and reform (FDR Library and Museum, n. d. ). In 1935 the Social Security, Works Progress Administration and the New Deal legislation passed (The White House, 2012). He had to be critical when it came to the Pearl Harbor Booming in 1941.
This was something that was so unexpected that happened. FDR had to do something and react fast so that he did not look like a week leader. However, because is his creative and critical thinking process he knew in his mind what would be best for our Nation. In 1942, he goes on to create ‘grand alliance’ of Allied powers through “the Declaration of the United Nations” (FDR Library and Museum, n. d. ). Serving four terms, he made so many great accomplishments. He got our nation out of the Great Depression and Created the United Nations.
Despite FDR’s physical condition he was still able to do the things that were needed to run this country in such a great way that he did not let his disability get in his way. In fact it seemed to have made him stronger. I think he felt to say to the country look at me if I can do it with all that I have going on then there is no excuse for anyone to use a disability as an excuse to get things done. FDR was daring and willing to take chances when nobody believed in his ideas. He proved to be resourceful in all his efforts when he was in office and made such a big difference in our country.
Each of these famous thinkers used many different ways of critical thinking and creative thinking. Martin Luther King Jr. seemed to think and analyze what he was doing before he would attempt to go on with an idea he may have. Both thinkers had to use the Cause and Effect to find out if the solutions that they proposed would work or not. They also both used the Creative Process to try their ideas. They searched for that challenge to see if it was achievable and they both found that as they searched they did find what they wanted to achieve.
They both not only investigated the problem by the also produced ideas that would change history forever. Each of these famous thinkers could not have done anything differently. If they would have done anything differently, segregation might still exist. If we did not have a president with enough ideas for the challenges that he would face getting our great nation out of the Great Depression. To change anything about these thinkers would change history as we see it then and now. They were both very creative at what they did and achieved what they et out to achieve. References Brown, M. (2012). Time Line of Events in Martin Luther King Jr. ‘s life. Retrieved from http://www. lib. lsu. edu/jum/mlk/srs216. html Burro Jr. , R. (2002). Martin Luther King Jr. ‘s doctrine of Human Dignity. Western Journal of Black Studies, 26(4), 228. FDR Library and Museum. (n. d. ). Biography of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Retrieved from http://www. fdrlibrary. marist. edu/education/resources/bio_fdr. html The White House. (2012). Franklin D. Roosevelt. Retrieved from http://www. whitehouse. gov/about/president/franklindroosevelt

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