Failon Ngayon- Panglao Beaches( Reaction Paper)

Panglao Island Bohol Beaches It’s an unavoidable fact that somewhere among the Philippines’ 7,107 islands you will find the most beautiful beaches in the world. With a coastline twice the length of that of the United States, the Philippines can claim to be Asia’s Beach Capital. Enjoy the warm crystal blue waters of both the China Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Mention the Philippines and images of long, white sand beaches and bodies of water blessed with a variety of marine life come to mind. Panglao is a perfect for a great dive and beach holiday. It is a small island on the Philippines southwest of the bigger island, Bohol.
On the southern beach of Panglao there are several resorts that line up on the beach. But Tourism, however, also brings destruction. We’ve seen many beaches get abused and exploited by both residents and tourists themselves. Executive Director Bebot Pinat (Padayon, Bohol Marine Triangle) quote that “Ang dagat ay isang malaking dumpsite. ” She said that she smells the unwelcome odor of the sea where they throw their waste. Panglao Island houses many resorts but if we will examine, where they throw their liquid waste they don’t even have waste water treatment.
According to Dr. Abercio Rotor, an Environmental Scientist/ Biologist, all of these wastes will go to the sea. The water is very fertile that it can have algal bloom that which can lead in having a fish kills. The other man said that there are trucks collecting the wastes of the resorts. But he doesn’t know where they drop the wastes but he affirms that throwing of wastes in the island is prohibited. There was also riprap that is so close in the water and reportedly to extensive that it almost consumes the whole sea side, it’s sizable and it’s even expose.

Mr. Arthur Arboladura (President, Alona Beach Community Association said that it protects the tourists as well as the area of Alona. Dr. Rotor states that if someone will put up a resort, it will destroy the natural riprap and the refined composition of the soil so that there will be erosion on top. It will destroy the water environment too. Sec. Ramon Jimenez was so shocked seeing the video clip of Failon Ngayon. He affirms that it is so much near the water and it will cause scouring. He also assures that DENR will take immediate action in this issue.
Dauis, Panglao Island Bohol has many first class resorts and they all comply in all the policies. Even Mayor Jaime Jimenez said that they all have ECC’s. But Failon Ngayon was informed that Panglao Island Nature Resort and Spa give much damage in the residents nearby. The Panglao Island Nature Resort and Spa has a 531 sq. m. man made island. According to Executive Dir. Bebot Pinat there is a violation and there must no establishment near the shore. Foreshore lease is prohibited in our oceans, the Mayor said. But why all these establishments exist until now?
It’s because they are difficult to demolish, according to him. On July 06 2006, EMB issued an order suspending the “resort” ECC and directing the cessation on any undertaking or project expansion within the area not covered by any tenurial instrument (foreshore lease/ PRA permit) The PINR send a message to Failon Ngayon that although it’s existing, ECC had been suspended temporarily by then, DENR Secretary Angelo Reyes, Management has been issued a temporary restraining order to prevent the DENR from pursuing their order. The Management has defended its positioning the lower court and appellate court.
However, the DENR has raised it to the Supreme Court for its ultimate decision. And because the case is currently on trial they refuse to talk about it as well as the officials of EMB Region 7. They don’t want to forewarn the court in giving their sides. Secretary Jimenez quote” Kaninong kasalanan? Kasalanan nating lahat. Hindi posible na magkaroon ng turismo na hindi mamuhunan ng lupa ng mga bahagi ng ganyang kalikasan. Ang importante dyan ay kung sustainable ba? Maitutuloy mo ba? Ubos na ba ang problema? Ay hindi po marami pa tayong aayusin. ” Beaches are some of the most unique and enjoyable natural resources on our planet.
The beauty and calm are two of the main reasons why the coast continues to be a prime place for fun, and for setting up housing and other developments. But why this is happening? As I watch this episode of Failon Ngayon there is one question in my mind, bugging me. Why there are people who don’t care for the environment even, this “environment” keeps their life comfort? They don’t put in their mind that if they destroy the environment their children and the future generation will suffer to it. Many of us are greedy in money, power and fame that sometimes we have no morality in our actions at all.
We know what is right and wrong. And it is wrong to harm the environment as well as the people that might be affected. The fishermen and their families who have been left behind by the development and the poor folks who have not benefited from the present tourism boom do not have a voice on what they think about the issue. It is wrong to sacrifice the environment for the growth of tourism. We must keep in mind that too much tourists bring harm to the environment. We need to find a balance between satisfying the needs of tourists and reducing to a minimum the pollution it will cause.

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Failon Ngayon- Panglao Beaches( Reaction Paper)
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