Faculty Reaction Paper

Jeerer Tarot It’s a very good film. I am amazed with the lines of the actresses, I felt every single word coming out of their mouth and it’s like I’m a part of that scene. The actresses were very good, they portrayed the role given to them excellently. The characters acted naturally like they’re Just having a quarrel on a real life. The teacher on a violet shirt fits her role very well, Just the way she walked and her gestures, she already looked like a brave woman.
The shot and angles are quite impressive because it’s very artistic and it also beautifies the whole film. I noticed that the glass fell down and broke into pieces and that symbolizes their friendship, a shattered friendship because of different principles in life. Even though the film was so short they still had a chance to put conflict on it. I was also a bit unsatisfied with the ending because some of my questions are not answered (who is the student they’re talking about and what happened? . Teacher plays a great role towards how they influence and affect students and how a student can be molded to have a better personality. The teacher n the film says ” angostura aka Eng high school”, but before she resigned, she taught college students, in short she wants to teach high school students so that when those students enter college they will be open minded and they would also be exposed to the real world and know how hard life is.
To cut the story short, the teacher always wanted her students to learn something not Just inside the four corners of the room, but also learn something outside that they could not learn inside the school. On the other side, I’m also in favor of what the other teacher (wearing white) said, because if hose students were trained earlier, they will have a better personality and being open minded towards things.

During college days, I think that most of us had completely developed our personality that’s why it’s already hard for us to deal with something we’re really not into. It’s also true that Joan has a good intention towards those students but I also agree that she taught it to the wrong students, students that are fully molded by an opulent family and through the years they are not doing those things that’s why Joan should have go with the flow towards the rules and regulations of that college.

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