Faber s Three things

A human pore lets sweat out and oxygen in. Information that is porous is an open thought that allows you to interpret anyway you want. For example, in a book that describes a character, you can imagine their appearance based on the details given. Books at least allow the reader to put them down, giving people time to think and reason about the information they contain. TV might look more fun than books, but it never gives you a chance to think about the information in your own way and to reason your own conclusions. In our socio¶y’, we have the same thing missing.
For example, in our schools, and in standardized testing we lack quality of information. Teachers use Overprints, which are slide shows, to present their material, instead of boring lectures. Teachers use too much animation believing that they’re making their material more interesting, which actually distracts students from learning. On standardized tests, they ask what questions vs.. How and why questions which make them all multiple choice instead of short answer. Multiple choice questions don’t allow students to think outside of the box, or explain their thinking.
In addition, social media promotes shallow thinking. On social media, you have Youth where people just post stupid videos, and then you have Mainstream which just has pointless pictures. Social media could be used for more engaging discussions, but people waste their time posting stupid things. So today’s society is similar to the way Faber describes their society in the book. Faber defines leisure to digest as not being overstretched and having time to think. In the book, Montage states that they have a lot of time off of work, but Faber points out hat their minds are consumed with unimportant information.

For example, very large all-consuming billboards, stupid catchy jingles, and TV’s on all the walls of their homes are distracting them. When they aren’t bombarded with media, they are fearing for their lives because they are thinking about the dangers in the society. Similarly in our society, we spend too much time watching TV, going to school, and doing homework. Teenagers sleep as much as they can because teachers assign too much homework which makes them stay up late and get up early to go to school.
Therefore, we don’t have the energy and brain space to think. Faber defines the right to carry out actions based on the other two items as people need to fight for their rights to do something about what they gather from the books. If they read and determine that something should be changed, then they would have the right to take action and stand up for what they believe in. In our society, people have limited say in decisions. For example, protestors get in trouble for standing up for their rights. Kids in school have little right to speak about tepid teachers.

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Faber s Three things
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