Extracting Dna from Human Cheek Cells

The probable reason for the tinted brown shade in the human epithelial DNA and not the strawberry DNA is that human epithelial DNA is extracted from one’s mouth in which there can be many germs that could change the color of the original DNA. Furthermore, in order to avoid these germs from affecting the human epithelial cell DNA greatly, the experimenter is only asked to rinse their mouth with distilled water while in truth, Just a rinse with distilled water does not eradicate all possible germs that could be living in one’s cheek cells.
However, some probably factors for why the strawberry DNA and the human epithelial DNA were so similar Is because both Dana were extracted using the same methods. For Instance, In both experiments detergent and ethanol were used to separate the DNA from the nucleus and proteins Inside the cells. Thus, although there are many differences and similarities between the strawberry and human epithelial DNA, in the end they both had the characteristic of being standstill and clumpy. There were man’s steps to this experiment.
The major steps in this process of DNA extraction begin with rinsing the experimenter’s mouth with plain water, then using a toothpick to scratch the inside of the cheek, and then rinsing the mouth again but this time with distilled water which is eventually spit into a cup. The reason this step is conducted is because it cleans the experimenter’s mouth so that germs are limited from entering the cup and detaches the cells Inside the experimenter’s cheek. Making them easily come out along with the spit Into the cup In the end.

Once this step Is over, the spit In the cup is transferred to a test tube, ml of detergent solution Is added, and the test tubule Is mixed. The spit Is transferred to the test tube because it makes the spit easier handle. Furthermore ml of detergent, also called DEBT solution, is added to the test tubule to help break down the cellular and nuclear membranes of the cells in the spit, thus making the DNA more accessible. Finally, this new solution is mixed so that the DEBT solution is mixed well into the original spit and has caused almost all of the nuclear and cellular membranes to break down.
Once these steps are over, ml of ethanol is added to the solution and after waiting for bout 3 to 5 minutes, the DNA can be extracted with an inoculating loop. The reason ethanol is added to this solution is because ethanol breaks the DNA apart from the other organelles inside the cell and does not allow the DNA to dissolve since DNA Is not soluble In alcohol. By not allowing the DNA to dissolve, after the 3 to 5 minutes wait, the DNA will automatically be visible near the top of the solution Inside the ethanol since the DNA can no longer mix with any of the other organelles.
Thus, the wait is essential since it gives the DNA time to become visible and once it is, the e seen and touched by the experimenter. With this, the experiment is concluded and the experimenter can decide what they wish to do with their DNA. This procedure was effective in several ways. For example, the DEBT solution and the ethanol were extremely important to this experiment and were very effective in separating the DNA so that it was clearly visible towards the end. However, one way this experiment can be improved is by using plastic pliers to extract the DNA at the end of the experiment instead of the inoculating loop.
This suggestion would be ore effective since with the inoculating loop there is a lower probability of extracting the DNA successfully than with the plastic pliers. This is because the DNA can slip out of the inoculating loop’s loop while it is highly unlikely that the DNA will slip out of the plastic pliers grasp. Therefore, although this experiment was extremely effective, one adjustment that could be made is to replace the inoculating loop with plastic pliers. To conclude, there are many applications in the world where this experiment could be extremely important. One example is law and crime.
In court, Just as engineering can be an extremely useful tool in finding the true culprit, using the DNA found at the crime scene can be equally as important. This is because each person’s DNA is unique and unlike anyone else’s. This can quickly identify who the true culprit is in court and also be extremely helpful in the field of science and genetics as well. This is because DNA is the instructions to life and by studying this DNA, scientists and researchers can soon find ways to not only manipulate but enhance human life. Thus, it can be seen that this experiment can be useful in many different fields of study in today’s society.

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Extracting Dna from Human Cheek Cells
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