subject – Data Visualization
Please make it very carefully and fallow all the instructions
Please read the chapter 16 in attached file and work accordingly
I have also attached the sample – superstore sales data
In this assignment, you will use the Sample – Superstore Sales data and create a series of graphs. This may be review for some and brand new for others, but this step cannot be overlooked nor can we assume that this is something we all know.

Open the Sample – Superstore data (a basic pivot table has been created for you but you are not required to use it).
Recreate (the best that you can) the graphs in chapter 16 of Excel Data Analysis
Save an Excel file with a separate tab for each graph and label the tabs with a description of the graph

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Basic work will yield basic grade. To maximize points, you will want to make sure the numbers are formatted properly (comma’s, short date, etc.). Use discriminating judgment.
Below are the some example graphs that need to be done :
The data set I provided isn’t an exact replica for chapter 16. You can either add to the data set I provided or recreate what is in chapter 16. I am not looking for the same colors, the same exact everything from the PDF, I am just looking for you to show me that you can create these graphs in Excel. So maybe think of it this way. Show me an example of the following –

Clustered Column Chart
Combo Chart with Secondary Axis
Pictures in Column Chart
Band Chart
Thermometer Chart
Waterfall Chart
Stacked Column Chart
Any one graph of your choice using PivotCharts


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