excel spreadsheet activity

Supporting Activity: Tracking Sales

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excel spreadsheet activity
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As the new manager of a small convenience store, the first thing you noted was that there were problems with the manual process for keeping track of sales. Each sale is written down on a ticket, then entered on a spreadsheet for tracking finances and sales tax to pass on to the state.

Reviewing last week’s sales you found some sales tickets which had not been put on the spreadsheet yet.

Using the Sales spreadsheet provided, add the sale date (mm/dd), customer, item, price, and tax rate for the following purchases from last week.

Use your local sales tax rate for the Tax % column. For example, enter 5% as 5. Use last week’s dates as your sale dates.


Joe purchased water for $1.79 and chips for $.75

Sally purchased a candy bar for $.89

George purchased ice for $1.75

Jack purchased bread for $2.14



John, purchased a LG bag of chips for $3.79

Joseph purchased a pen for $1.25

Suzie purchased popcorn for $1.75

Sally purchased a 2 liter bottle of soda for $1.49

George purchased a large bag of chips for $3.79



No purchases were made.



Suzanne purchased milk for $2.19

Joe purchased bread for $2.14



Sue purchased a candy bar for $1.25

Mary purchased popcorn for $1.75

After entering the missing purchases, go to the Sales Summary page and refresh the pivot tables by right clicking and selecting Refresh to see your results.

Discuss with your classmates your experience entering the data and advantages you can think of if the store would upgrade to an automated system using a sales database.

Note: The spreadsheet contains formulas. The cells will highlight in red if incorrect dates are entered and will highlight in yellow if data is missing.




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