EX open ended lab fluid

The flow Of water should be changed by regulating the outlet flow control valve. ) Once again, measure the flow of water and the manometer reading. 10) At least 6 readings should be obtained per experiment. 1 1 ) Turn off the pump, shut the isolating valve and the tapping valve for test pipe 1 12) The manometer is then inserted into the tapping points for test pipe 2 and open both the tapping and isolating valve. 13) Run the pump and all the relevant readings should be taken 14) The procedures were repeated for test pipe 3.
Problem statement This water distributing system is to be a design for a water supply system from reservoir in Pang to Muar. The design will take into consideration all related parameters that will affect the design in terms of head loss. The monthly report will be submitted to Lumbago Air Juror. My team will be conducting an experiment to determine the most effective pipe size, by considering friction factor and pipe fitting. We will prepare the stimulated experimental design for submission.
Ways and means Suitable test methods to carry out the experiment were Identified based on the relevant standards. The experimental methods will be presented and we will defend our procedure. Rest It sheet PVC pipe no 1: diameter = 1 inch Cue /ran) Hal (m) h2o (m) Expo. Head loss, hex (IMHO) Pipe diameter Velocity, V (m/s) Theoretical head loss, (IMHO) percentage error (%) PVC pipe no 2: diameter = % inch Q (L/r-n) Theoretical head loss, Percentage error (%) PVC pipe no 3: diameter = h inch Q (L/ran)

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EX open ended lab fluid
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