Evs project information and topics

Possible ways to reduce river pollution. Use of public transport for reducing purchase of fuel. How to reduce use of electricity? Awareness in students about dangers of tobacco consumption. Hawkers along the streets: Problem or convenience? Flood control measures on bank of river Mitch. Select any one topic from part A Project – Report is to be written on both the sides of two ruled sheets (AY size paper). Write:- a)Tied of project b)illumination /History c)Observation d) Advantages e)Recommendations Part B: Journal 1 (Topics) VI. Recycling of treated sewage.
Chip movement. Save the silent valley movement. Effect of agriculture on area of natural CEO-systems (grass/ land ‘forest). Importance of green surroundings in well being of people. All species have their own right to live life. Composition / vermin composition organic waste at home. Change in the onset of flowering of tree in different seasons over last decade. Part C: Journal 2 (Topics) Future of nuclear power projects in India. Ether Dam project campaign. Plastic waste: Its effects on environment. Effect of fish harvesting on diversity of fish locality.
The factors affecting cost of farming. Use of integrated pest management techniques. Different steps / mechanisms to reduce electricity consumption. Ministry of environment and forest. All topics are compulsory in journal 1 and Journal 2 Each topic must be hand-written on ruled AY size paper (on both sides of paper) Use one AY size paper for each topic Write title of each topic Index page, Project-Report, Journal 1 & Journal 2 must be stapled together and cover it with brown paper of same size Write Student’s name, Class, Stream, Division, Roll No.

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Evs project information and topics
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