Evaluative Analysis of War on Drugs


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Evaluative Analysis of War on Drugs
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This is the instruction for a 700-1000 word essay I have to write on my chose issue which is “War on Drugs”. Its also due Today Wednesday 04/22 at 12pm EST noon. NOT 11:59PM at night:

“Description: An explanation of why the issue you have identified constitutes a problem significant enough to warrant your audience’s attention. Format : A roughly 700-1,000 word article could be used as a newspaper op-ed piece or an article. You will need to use headings in bold to indicate the different sections of your paper.

Assignment Overview An evaluative analysis claims that a particular object, situation, or trend is a good or (in this case) a bad thing. It may also ask the audience to reassess how it ranks its values relative to that object, situation, or trend. Therefore, you will need to decide what evidence you can present to persuade your audience not only of the reality of this problem, but of its importance. Evaluative analyses usually rely primarily on two types of arguments:   That the problem belongs to a specific category which is already recognized by the target audience as a problem (e.g., epidemic, terrorism, diplomatic crisis, pork barrel politics).   That this problem will have specific (and significant) negative consequences. You will need to demonstrate not only

that these consequences are a legitimate threat, but also persuade your target audience that they should care about those consequences—even if they are not the ones directly affected.”

Cited sources included in the essay would be very appreciated but not required.


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