Evaluation Review Article

Measurement and Evaluation in Health Education

Please, find the Evaluation Article in the attached file. Also, this find the instructions of the paper below.  

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Evaluation Review Article
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Summary: The      summary of the article should address these questions

What are the author’s main points? 
What specific interventions or program       were evaluated?
What measures or statistics were used?
What were the findings?
What were the author’s conclusions?
Professional Critique: The professional critique should discuss the      strengths and weaknesses of the methodology and the design of the      evaluation that was conducted in the article. 

Did the evaluation address the “seven       questions?”
What are some possible strengths of this article? 
What are some       possible limitations of this article? 
What questions are raised for future health       education or health promotion programs based on this article?
What       was the importance of these findings?
Personal Critique: The personal critique incorporates your thoughts and opinion of      the article.

What did you find most interesting about       this article?
How did this article help or not help       your understanding of the evaluation process?
Any other comments that you think are       important for a colleague to know about this article.
References: The reference page should list the      proper citation for the article and any addition sources that you might      have cited in the article. For      example, you might have referred to the text book to discuss a specific      type of evaluation or the “seven questions.”

The appropriate citation for the article (APA 6.0 format) must be provided so that I can retrieve the article. Please note that if I cannot retrieve your article, then you will receive an “F” for the assignment. Furthermore, you must use in text citations for this review and paraphrase the information. 


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