Evaluating Published Research Problems

?Individual Assignment: Evaluating Published Research Problems Locate two research studies in your discipline or your field of study—one study must use a qualitative method and one study must use a quantitative method. Each study must have been published in a peer-reviewed journal. Perform the following with each study: Review of Contemporary Curriculum Research Qualitative Research Study Identify the research problem.
Smith’s (2007) research study on “Support Services for Students with Asperger’s Syndrome in Higher Education” problem focus is on type of services or accommodations that are being provided for students who have been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) and if these services are addressing the needs of the students. The study was conducted to inform Disability Support offices of what services are necessary for the population of AS higher education students to support them in their educational journey in higher education.
Summarize the basis for the problem. Smith (2007) states that there has been an increase in diagnosis of AS. The Americans with (Powell, Higgins, & Aram, 2009)Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) provides that individuals with AS cannot be discriminated against in obtaining higher education and that services and accomodations need to be offered to those students diagnoses with AS to have assistance in achieving their education both inside and outside the classroom.

Smith (2007) further states that AS was only recognized about 20 years ago and in that short period of time there has not been any significant studies done concerning the impact of student achievement in the post secondary educational field. Evaluate the clarity and completeness of how the problem was described. Smith (2007) addresses the problem by explaining in detail the behaviors displayed by students who have been diagnoses with AS.
Smith further explains how the behaviors of AS students affect their ability to be successful in a normal educational environment if the educators are not trained on providing accommodations that would assist with their learning process. Smith (2007) also addresses the issue of a growing number of AS students entering higher education and the need for the Office of Access and Learning Accommodations (OALA) to provide services that will address the needs of all types of disabilities. Smith is specific and direct regarding the services that would be specifically needed by AS students.
Explain how the problem was addressed through designing and conducting a research study. Smith (2007) states the methodology used was an exploratory study evaluating and determining what type of accommodations, services and programs assistance were offered to AS post-secondary students. Surveys were emailed to staff members of the institutions Disabled Student Services offices. There was a letter sent with the survey explaining the purpose of the research and consent statements for the individuals acknowledging the information was being used as a study.
Smith gathered qualitative data regarding programs, support groups and counseling that was currently being provided to AS students. The surveys also gathered data regarding the types of accommodations provided to students to assess if the services provided were addressing the specific needs of AS students Smith (2007) concluded from the research that although accommodations were being provided for AS students, the accommodations provided were not taking into consideration some of the individual students needs. Quantitative Research Problem
Identify the research problem. Powell, Higgins and Aram’s (2009) research study, “Impact of No Child Left Behind on Curriculum and Instuction in Rural Schools” examines the decisions made by rural principals and teachers regarding curriculum and instruction and the impact No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) had. Powell, Higgins and Aram focus was if there was significate impact on the instructional time, non-instructional time and if student motivation expereinced any negative effect resulting from the demands of NCLB. Summarize the basis for the problem.
Powell, Higgins and Aram (2009) reported that twenty-five percent of the schools in the U. S. are rural schools. The retention of qualified teachers and students achieving the Average Yearly Progress (AYP) set by NCLB had a greater impact due to the lower percentages within the schools, than compared to the schools in larger cities and suburbs. Powell, Higgins and Aram further state that the rural schools in Missouri they used for their study, had an increase of minority students over a ten year period of over 120% compared to the average increase nationwide of only 54%.
Powell, Higgins and Aram wanted to exam the overall impact of NCLB on the two rural schools in two completely different areas of the U. S. and exam the correlation between the NCLB and how curriculum and instruction were influenced. Evaluate the clarity and completeness of how the problem was described. Powell, Higgins and Aram (2009) study of the influence NCLB had on the decision making process of the principals regarding curriculum and instruction in rural schools described the problems associated with the AYP expectations set by NCLB.
The study surveyed the teachers and principals on specific areas of the curriculum and if there was an increase in the test scores of the students on both math and reading scores. Powell, Higgins and Aram (2009) further stated that NCLB created additional problems such as teachers leaving the teaching profession and others not entering the teaching profession due to the change in climate within the teaching environment. Explain how the problem was addressed through designing and conducting a research study.
Powell, Higgins and Aram (2009) research consisted of a survey that was sent to 571 principals in Missouri, of which 101 responded. They also gathered data from 76 certified teachers in Maine. 14 of 16 rural counties in Maine were represented in the research. About 76% of the principals surveyed were from Free and Reduced Lunch (FRL) and Title 1 schools, supporting the sampling of high minority student demographics. Powell, Higgins and Aram (2009) further surveyed the principals on how NCLB impacted their decision making process regarding curriculum and instruction both before and after NCLB.

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Evaluating Published Research Problems
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