Evaluating and AIS


Value the importance of information technology to accountants.
Assess accounting information systems.
Design the steps to justify an information system initiative.
Synthesize appropriate and effective use of technology for managing accounting and financial information flows and presentation.
Evaluate the threats and risks associated with accounting information systems.
Explore special topics in accounting information systems to include  the impact of globalization and a multinational business presence.

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Evaluating and AIS
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Scenario Information
Your company, Swift Athletics is a publicly held, mid-sized  manufacturer, with $20 million dollars in annual revenue. You produce  high-end running shoes exclusively in the US. You are planning to sell  your products internationally within the next two years. You operate in a  lean environment, and your supplier monitors your raw materials needs,  and shipments are made JIT.
Assume that you are the Chief Accounting Officer (CAO) for the  company. The company is publicly held; therefore, it must follow all  reporting requirements of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
The company is expanding rapidly and has outgrown its information  system. You have been given the task of evaluating and recommending a  viable accounting information system solution for the accounting and  financial data. Your final proposal will be delivered to the Chief  Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Information Officer (CIO). You must be  able to support your proposal with appropriate research.

To complete this project:

Articulate the value of an AIS and how it can be used to facilitate  growth at Swift. Identify the departments/functions of a manufacturer  like Swift that will utilize the AIS, and how the departments will  interact.
Prepare a summary that identifies the departments listed above, a  weakness or threat for each department, explanation of why the weakness  exists, and the steps that you will implement in your new system to  address the weakness issues. Note: An example of a weakness or threat in  the general ledger and reporting system might be an unauthorized  disclosure of financial statements. Controls to respond to this weakness  or threat include access controls and encryption. You may wish to  present this information in a table for your presentation.
While the balanced scorecard is not a new concept, it does offer a  framework allowing managers to measure an enterprise’s performance from  four categories: financial, customer, business processes, and learning  and growth. The balanced scorecard considers both financial and  nonfinancial measures. After researching the balanced scorecard, for  each of the four categories, identify at least one critical success  factor for Swift to achieve shareholder value.
As part of the planning process for your new accounting information  system, you need to prepare flowcharts. This graphic will present the  flow of information through the accounting cycles. Prepare flowcharts  for at least two business departments/functions for Swift. Each  flowchart should be detailed, and have the right symbols for each  process. Also, think your way through the processes from beginning to  end. For example, how is sales revenue defined, such as when is it  considered earned? The following are the business processes that you may  elect to address:  

Please note that you will have two distinct flowcharts for this  assignment. Be sure your flowcharts are professionally presented and  clearly labeled.

What are the steps you will take to justify the new information  system initiative? What must be considered for Swift? How will you  assess the financial implications? What is the impact on the AIS of  globalization and a multinational business presence?
How will appropriate and effective use of technology for managing  the accounting and financial information flows and presentation be  affected?
Evaluate the threats and risks associated with the accounting information system for Swift.

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation along with an executive summary to  be delivered to the CEO and CIO which includes the information in 1-7  above. Be creative in your slides by incorporating charts, graphs,  and/or artwork. Your PowerPoint presentation should begin with an  introduction as to why the project is being considered, and conclude  with the value of the project. Incorporate slide notes where needed.  Include an APA formatted reference slide and in-text citing where  appropriate.


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