Europe and its Relationship with the World

Europe and its relationship to the universe
From the clip through early 1800’s to early 1900’s, Europe has changed a batch in many parts. Such as the Gallic revolution and the Spanish and Lusitanian are seeking to set up their settlement, to distribute their ain civilization and faith like Christian. There are, undouble, a batch of advancements during that clip that can decidedly be found, while the definition of advancement can be understood in different manner, there are non merely positive advancement, but besides a batch of negative advancement. In European’s thought at that clip, they decidedly think the advancement is positive, while for those indigens who live in European settlement they may happen a batch of unjust and see this advancement that made by Europe is negative. We can non deny the benefit that the Europe has made at that clip, but to see the relationship between Europe and the universe between 1800-1914 negative advancements are more obvious because of European industrialisation and imperialism.
A batch of illustrations can be found during 1800- 1914 to demo the imperialism of Europeans is non accepted by the indigens. We can see Europeans at that clip were non so successful when they are seeking to construct the relationship with Africa. From the novel “Thingss Fall Apart”[ 1 ] by Chinua Achebe, the writer writes about how the Europeans treated Africans in an unjust manner, from the age of industrialisation. Europeans arrived in West Africa non for peace but for the slaves, they want enslave the Africans and allow them go the free labour for Europe and work for Europe.Achebe showed how the native react when they hear about the Europeans, “ We have heard narratives about white work forces who made the powerful guns and the strong drinks and took slaves away across the seas, but no 1 thought the narratives were true ” [ 2 ] ( Ch. 15 Achebe ) . We can see the Africans do non even think Europeans as one of world will handle their compatriots as slaves, but they were incorrect. In the terminal of the novel, we can see there was about no effectual advancement has been made between the Africans and the Europeans. In the antonym, the Europeans really had destroyed all the good hopes to the European that Africans used to hold and convey war to them non merely for their land but besides for their faith. In the book Okonkwo says to Obrierika, “He [ Europeans ] came softly and pacifically with his faith. We were amused at his folly and allowed him to remain. Now he has won our brothers and our kin can no longer move like one ” [ 3 ] ( Ch. 20 Achebe ) . The Europeans usage means to change over some members of the indigens to Christianity, but cause other indigens to detest Christian. To be honest, we can non happen any positive advancement that was made between the Europeans and the Africans because the selfishness of Europeans make they took advantage of indigens land and labour but merely convey goods to their ain state.

In add-on, we besides can happen this unfair in the novel “This Earth of mankind” which writes about a immature adult male, Minke, who can populate a instead simple life as a pupil in a Dutch high school in Surabaya, Indonesia. Although he is one of the few Natives who surveies in his school, he still do non lose confident for himself. But Minke’s life begins to alter when he meets and falls in love with the most beautiful miss he has of all time seen. Annelies is a mixed-blood girl of a Native and a European man of affairs. Her female parent as a native learn several sorts of linguistic communication and truly outstanding. When Minke’s relationship with Ann grows deeper, people of the town start to state he and Annelies is illegal, but even his life is threatened and he is brought to the tribunal, he still continues to contend against the unfairnesss of the authorities, non merely want to win but to support humanity and its rights. Although Minke and Annelies eventually lose but they do demo to this Earth of world a great illustration that racism will ne’er be a good manner to handle people and justness will eventually come. This is a great novel that shows how people fight against for their right. Different from “Thingss Fall Apart”, “this Earth of mankind” [ 4 ] shows a negative advancement of Europe’s imperialism has cause but show us a positive attitude about how to defy the unfairness under the imperialism. This article shows the hope and the imperialism will eventually do Europe lose the people.
Jules Ferry besides talks about the enlargement of colonial and what character should the Europeans had if they want to success, “In a Europe, or instead in a universe therefore constituted, a policy of backdown or abstinence is merely the high route to decadence! ” [ 5 ] ( On French Colonial Expansion ) . This sort of procedure did non better the relationships but merely hindered the advancement of the dealingss between Europe and the universe. Besides from the information of “Chadwick ‘s Report on Sanitary Conditions” , “That the one-year loss of life from crud and bad airing are greater than the loss from decease or lesions in any wars in which the state has been engaged in modern times” [ 6 ] Shows the bad wellness conditions in Europe during that clip. These may be caused by the excessively many settlements and will besides convey this disease to those who are indigens that ne’er run into such diseases. It is difficult to state it is positive or negative, but it does do bad consequence on indigens.
The industrialisation besides causes jobs for Europe. No 1 can deny the importance of industrialisation, because without it all of our modern machines can be a gag, but Karl Marx besides show the injury that industrialisation cause to the lower degree people. In his article “Manifesto of the Communist Party” , he pointed out that with the higher development of the industrialisation, it non merely makes mass production more easy but besides increase the spread between the rich and the hapless. In his article he said “From the minute when labour can no longer be converted into capital, money, or rent, into a societal power capable of being monopolized, i.e. , from the minute when single belongings can no longer be transformed into bourgeois belongings, into capital, from that minute, you say, individuality vanishes” [ 7 ] which shows the struggle between the labours and the upper degree. His sentiment about revolution can besides be regard as possible crisis of the Europe. So half positive and half negative is what the history’s rating about industrialisation.
But there is some positive advancement that Europe did throughout the 19Thursdayand 20Thursdaycentury is in footings of women’s rights. At the pervious age adult females were treated with about zero regard before the Revolution started. Womans do non hold the same rights as adult male, they merely see as accoutrement of work forces. But sometimes they were besides “used” like work forces, or even requested higher than adult male like work longer than adult male with fewer pay. Women and kids were seen making the “same sort of belowground work, and to work for the same figure of hours, as male childs and men” [ 8 ] ( Women Miners ) . The adult females dress like work forces, work as work forces but still can non win their regard. The Revolution did alter the manner that adult females were used to handle a batch because after the revolution adult females had their freedom and rights, which is pretty easy but was ne’er heard before the 1800’s. This is decidedly a positive advancement Europeans have made.
The advancement of the European industrialisation, imperialism and their relationship with the universe in decision can be regard as negative. Europeans destroyed civilisations for doing their civilization and benefits. Use other’s labour for their ain selfishness. When they find a manner that suits them best, they did non waver to handle others like African below the belt. The Africans were enslaved like they are non human at all. In add-on, the civil war that was caused by Gallic Revolution besides affected France’s relationship with other European states by impacting each other’s issues such as trade ( Lecture ) [ 9 ] . Positive advancement was made by Europeans by successfully bettering their finicky conditions and giving suited rights to the adult females, but even for these positive advancements, they are still made for their ain state and society non for other settlements. So wholly in all, the selfishness dominates the Europeans and makes their advancement connected with the universe at 1800-1914 negative

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Europe and its Relationship with the World
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