Ethics 2,5 page paper


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Ethics 2,5 page paper
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DUE SATURDAY 04/26/2014 – 1:00 PM


  • Please compose your answer within a 2,5 page limit, single spaced, using 12- point
  • Any resources used other than the Holy Bible, lectures notes, course materials, and course textbooks should be listed in a separate references page. 
  •  The paper should have a title page including your name and an intriguing title for your essay. 
  •  Please do not put your name in the header of the paper, but you may insert page numbers. 
  • The 3-page limit refers to the essay body, itself, and not to the title page or the references page. 


  •  Be sure to quote appropriately, using APA format, and make references to any material that is not your own thinking. 
  •  This essay is to showcase your own thinking, and so use quotes to help you say what you want to say. Do not let quotes speak for you. Always comment on a quote. 
  • Be sure to give your sources credit for what they have contributed to your thinking on this topic and related points. 
  •  You may also summarize another author’s idea in your own words. Just be sure that the reader can tell what the other author said from what you are saying based on this summarized information.
  •  This essay is not intended to be a research piece. I am not interested in what others would say to this question – not even the Pope. I am interested in what you would say to this topic. Since this essay is part of your final. I am expecting to see appropriate content from this course woven into your essay. However, the purpose of this essay is not to summarize course content, but to have you compose your thoughts around the question asked.
  • Please organize your essay well, following the format laid out in your introductory paragraph. 
  •  Be sure to have a thesis statement.
  • Remember to explain the question so that the reader knows what is needed in order to appreciate your analysis, within the introductory paragraph.




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