Ethical principles contribute to good business operations

Businesses that practice good ethics tend to succeed in the business world. Not only is it the right thing to do it is also proven to pay off in financial gains. To have good ethics a business must be legal for starters. Businesses must conduct themselves with integrity, be honest, and fair. Businesses should manage relationships in an organizational and ethical manner as well. This allows employees to address problems with other employees and management without fear of retaliation.
Management must effectively convey with employees and not put pressure on them to act unethically. They should also have a zero tolerance for any kind of sexual harassment or discrimination in the workplace. There are factors that may seem touchy in practicing good business ethics such as giving gifts. This can be perceived as bribes to some but innocent to others. To avoid any problems companies should have a policy set in place stating what is acceptable and the value of the acceptable gift in detail. There are principles the make a business have respectable business ethics.
Some of these principles include the following: being trustful, keep open mind, meet obligations, have clear documents, stay involved in the community, maintain account control, and be respectful. Businesses should understand that consumers want to do business with a company that they trust. This built strength and a growing client base. For continued growth the leaders of the cooperation should keep an open mind foe new and improved ideas that help them growth. Honor all your commitments as a business try everything in your power to keep your customers happy.

Make sure all that you advertise or promise is correct not falsely or incorrectly isrepresented this leads to distrust so stay on top of what is actually represented by your company. Participating in community events or staying involved in local affairs shows you care which could bring in more business because customers might trust you even more. Finally, treating others with respect regardless of any differences goes a long way in practicing good business ethics. There is little difference between service and manufacturing business. Discuss I believe this is totally false according to the research that I have done on this topic. First, of all manufacturing businesses sell different than service businesses.
Manufacturing businesses creates and sells a physical while a service business just sells a service. For example, Pepsi sells Pepsi products which are a physical product that comes from a manufacturing business. If a lawyer represents the Pepsi Company he is not selling any products but rather a service. Manufacturing and Service businesses also reside in different locations. Manufacturing businesses need to be close to their customers either retail or distribution. Service businesses have more latitude. This depends on the service that is being offered. Some service businesses are successfully ran out of homes or warehouses.
In these cases most of the time the client never visits the business. Accounting is another way that these businesses are run differently. Manufacturing businesses have inventory to keep track of while service businesses do not. However, service businesses have to levy a cost on the hours their service provider’s work. Manufacturing usually uses the account method. This method counts an invoice as income. If any returns happen then the company has to make an offset of the income. Which can lead to further reduction by the costs of goods sold to eventually find the company net profit.
Finally, there is a thing called forecasting that manufacturing businesses do differently than service businesses. In a manufacturing business they count inventory first. Then it estimates the number it can produce in a certain amount of time. This is dictated by the equipment that the business has as well as forecasted or predicted sales. Lastly, they add up the cost for all goods sold. Service businesses run completely different. They have no costs of goods to keep track of except the cost of overhead. Since there is no inventory there is no way economize equipment that helps determine efficiency gains.
In the end, service businesses base their forecast entirely on what the service providers themselves can manage. It is all up to them not any product or any kind of equipment. In conclusion, It is definitely more profitable to run a business I believe with the best ethical standards set in place for a business. People trust a company more that has a strong background and a known image of being trustworthy. Not practicing good business ethics can end a business fast or cause bankruptcy. It is best to do the right thing at all times no matter if it is in business or just life in general.

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Ethical principles contribute to good business operations
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