Ethical Issues Valeria


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Ethical Issues Valeria
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There are three main administration roles within the police department.  These include the interpersonal role, the informational role and the decision maker role.  Each of these have different duties that are important to the department.  The police chief and/or sheriff are usually the personnel with the force to hold these roles. The police department generally follows the Mintzberg Model which was created by Henry Mintzberg.

The interpersonal role handle interactions within the department, connecting leaders and the community, within this role there are three components.  The figurehead, leadership and liaison.  The figurehead role handles the ceremonial type duties such as speaking at academy graduations or to public groups. The leadership portion of the interpersonal role motivates and coordinates workers and helps resolve goals within the organization.  The Liaison part of the role works with other members of the community such as the district attorney to reach common goals and strategies, they also coordinate work assignments.

The informational role has three main tasks.  These tasks include monitoring/inspecting, dissemination and being a spokesperson.  The monitoring/inspecting part of this role maintains policy development, that includes budget proposals, long term strategies and community outreach.  This role also reviews operations, is the spokesperson to the media when the media needs information.  Dissemination within this role included distribution of memos, special orders or general orders, and policies and procedures.  The spokesperson part of this role does tasks such as press conferences when the media needs to know information, they generally have a good relationship with the media but must need to also set boundaries while giving the information to the media.

The third role is the decision maker role.  This role also has three main tasks.  The entrepreneur in this role would sell ideas about new strategies.  This role also involves resolving disturbances, helps to resolve disputes.  This role also decides what areas needs to be cleaned and makes decisions when it comes to funding grievances and bargaining when it comes to salaries of the department employees. The decision maker makes the decisions on budgets.

The police executive has a lot of different roles and tasks to help keep his force together, running smoothly while ensuring his community stays safe for the public. 

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