Est1 Task 2

Welcome to Shine Sun Tan! We are so excited that you have made the decision to join our team! We have the brightest stars in the business and are so happy you have chosen to shine with us! Here at Shine Sun Tan we are not only dedicated to our clients but also our employees. We strive to provide our employees with a positive, pleasant, and fun work atmosphere. We believe if our employees are happy and taken care of, then they will do the same for our clients. In order for us to remain the best in the business we must follow a few guidelines and procedures set by Shine Sun Tan.
Please take a moment to read over our Ethics Program as this will be knowledge you will use on a daily basis here at Shine! A. Standards and Procedures Code of Ethics: The principles of the Shine Sun Tan Code of Ethics are expressed in a broad manner as a guide to ethical decision making. 1. Appearance: We will always arrive at work in our proper uniform (Shine Sun Tan t-shirt and jeans or shorts) and be ready to work. Your jeans or shorts should not have holes, and shorts should come to the tip of your fingers in length. We will arrive to work put together and clean. 2.
Respect: We will always provide the highest level of respect to clients and co-workers. 3. Trustworthy: We will always be dependable, honest, and have always a “due the right thing” mind set. 4. Responsible: We will always keep in mind that this is a business and we must do what is right for the business and its clients. This includes but is not limited to attending all scheduled shifts, being on time for shifts, and working while on the clock. 5. Fairness: We will always treat all co-workers and clients equally without regards to age, sex, race, religion, nation origin, and sexual preference. 6.

Citizenship: We will always show good character as well as a positive attitude. 7. Caring: We will always show a caring nature when it comes to co-workers and clients. All employees must follow these principles at all times. If the need arises to report a violation of Shine Sun Tan’s principles please let your store manager, district manager, or Alisha Johnson, our ethics officer know immediately. Your store manager and district manager’s contact information will be always be available in your manager office and in your store break room. Our ethics officer may be reached at [email protected] om or 789-456-0123. You may also call our Ethics Hotline anonymously which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 888-123-4567. If any employee is found to be violating our principles, after a full investigation (when necessary) the consequences will result in a verbal warning, a written warning, a counseling, or possible termination. B. Training Shine Sun Tan will hold quarterly training sessions. The training sessions will be held the last Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of the month for the months of March, June, September, and December.
Everyone who is currently employed with Shine Sun Tan at the time of each training session will be required to attend one session. Each employee will be assigned to either the Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday training session. Shine Sun Tan’s training sessions are conducted by Alisha Johnson whom is our ethics officer. Each training session will be a full 8 hour work day and will include a catered lunch. The training material will be delivered by PowerPoint slide shows narrated by Alisha Johnson as well as guest speakers.
Each training will cover various different topics, however we will always go over our 3 most important topics relevant to our business. 1. New and changing tanning laws and regulations 2. Workplace Safety 3. Tips on the newest ways to enroll new members and sell products In addition to these 3 most important topics, we will generally also cover new products, recommendations for tanning safety, tanning bed news, and a variety of other topics. However, we will also always be open for discussion so please always bring your questions for our Q&A for the last hour of each training session.
We look forward to seeing you! C. Employee Misconduct 1. Employees will be expected to act in a professional manner at all times. Although, here at Shine Sun Tan we promote a fun work atmosphere, we must always remember that our clients and work duties must always be taken care of first and in a professional manner. You are the first line of defense in measuring your own conduct and preventing any misconduct from taking place. If the defense towards misconduct starts within you, and you are doing the right thing and acting professionally then we as a whole should be able to avoid wrong doings or misconduct.
Your store manager, assistant manager, and even fellow co-workers will also be monitoring your conduct, so make sure you are always doing the right thing. Doing the right thing consist of but is not limited to working when on the clock, giving clients truthful information about packages and products, selling clients packages and products that are best for them (not what is best for your commission), following tanning laws and regulations, and always following Shine Sun Tan’s Ethics Code. Not following these rules set forth by Shine Sun Tan will be considered employee misconduct and could result in serious consequences. . To ensure that all employees are always doing the right thing and have good conduct Shine Sun Tan will participate in a Secret Shopper Program. This program has been set up to audit and monitor our stores and employees on a regular basis. Corporate employees from our Secret Shopper Team will regularly visit our salons. These secret shoppers will come in a minimum of twice a week on a weekly basis to sign up for new tanning packages, tan, buy products, ask questions, and sometimes act as upset, unruly clients.
You will never know who our secret shoppers are, as we will have multiple different ones and they will always act as a normal customer. This Secret Shopper Program has been put in place so that not only can managers, assistant managers, and fellow employee monitor employee conduct but so can corporate employees. By having this Secret Shopper Program in place we feel that it will encourage our employees to always be on their best behavior and always do the right thing in every situation. 3. In the event that employee misconduct is found to be taking place you must report it to a manager immediately.
The manager will then have you fill out a report about what you witnessed. This report will be kept anonymous and will be turned in to the corporate office for further investigation. If you do not feel comfortable going to a manager or a manager is not available, you may report misconduct to your district manager or our Ethics officer. If you wish to remain completely anonymous or feel more comfortable reporting by telephone you may do this as well. You can call our Ethics Hotline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 888-123-4567. D. Evaluate and Improve
Shine Sun Tan is always looking for ways to evaluate and improve our business practices and procedures. This even includes evaluating the effectiveness of our Ethics Program. We will have four procedures put in place to help us evaluate our program. 1. We will provide clients with survey cards for each visit which they have the option to fill out. These cards will ask our clients to rate our salon staff on a scale of 1-10 on their appearance (are the in uniform and presentable), level of respect, trustworthiness, responsibility, fairness, citizenship, and caring nature. 2.
Our Secret Shopper Team will also complete survey cards for each of their visits. These surveys will not only include the same as the customer surveys but they will also include a more detailed experience about their time spent at the salon and about the person or persons they dealt directly with each time. 3. Your manager or direct supervisor will complete monthly reviews on your performance. These performance reviews will largely include your ethical understanding of Shine Sun Tan ethics program and how you display your knowledge and understanding of it in your daily work. . Employee question and suggestion box. Suggestions and questions will be taken into consideration and will be addressed at our monthly Ethics meeting. On the last day of each month after these evaluations are completed for that month we will collect the surveys, questions, and suggestions. Management will then compile a list of what we are doing well, what improvements are needed, and what suggestions and questions need to be addressed.
We will then hold a managers meeting on the first Wednesday of every month so that we can establish ways to improve our program and how to implement the improvements. Each manager will then hold store meetings with their employees the next day to discuss answers to questions and let their employees know what changes and improvements will be made. Thank you so much for reading Shine Sun Tan’s Ethics Program. Once again, we are so excited that you have made the choice to join our team and we look forward to being a part of your journey here at Shine Sun Tan! We look forward to seeing you Shine!

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Est1 Task 2
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