Essay on Police Brutality

4-5 full pages

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Essay on Police Brutality
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MLA format, double-spaced, times new roman font, 1 inch margins, with a properly formatted title and heading 


A thesis statement that explains what the three-four essays seem to be saying together (4th essay should be a counterargument)


A focused introduction of the 3-4 (2+scholarly) articles   


Brief introductory summary of the main argument of each article (only summarize the argument of the info you are addressing, not necessarily the entire article)


Adequate evidence in each paragraph (as a rule of thumb, please use 2 direct quotes and 1 paraphrase or vice versa from AT LEAST two of your sources) which properly supports the topic sentence (each topic sentence should tie back to the thesis statement and serve as a “mini” thesis statement)

In this essay, students will use newly acquired college-level, library-based research skills to find three text-based sources on their topic and write an informational synthesis that describes the arguments made in the three sources and how they are in conversation with each other. 

Assignment Objectives: You will complete this assignment by writing an essay that explains in detail the argument presented in four articles on similar topics and explain how the four different arguments are related to each other. Your essay should 1) explain what the essays seem to be saying together about the topic, 2) explain the kinds of evidence presented in the essays, how the authors use them, and important connections among evidence in all three essays, and 3) summarize, paraphrase, and quote from the three essays adequately to complete the task


Associated Student Learning Outcomes



Compose argumentative or persuasive essays that demonstrate interpretation, analysis and synthesis


Apply the writing process through invention, drafting, revision, and editing


Design writing to meet its rhetorical situation, particularly with regard to diction, tone, and audience


Document sources in MLA Style


Edit essay to conform to standard written English


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