Essay on an Interview I did

I have to write an essay on an interview that I gave my principal.. the criteria for the essay is the following :
Candidates will identify and interview a building level or human resource administrator to determine 1) the effectiveness of performance evaluation instrument adopted by the district (TKES)  2) how the results are used to guide professional growth plans, identify professional development needs, and/or individual improvement plans, terminations, promotions, and 3) the extent and frequency of training evaluators or administrators have received and are receiving on the needed skills and knowledge acquisition to evaluate effectively or oversee human resources in their building, and 4) identify and connect clearly the overall interview’s content to one or more of the leadership standards. Candidates must also include the following questions in the interview: (I have the interview questions already answered on a document)..

Basically the essay should summarize the interview. The essay should identify the principal(thats who i interviewed) outlook on the TKES evaluation system and how he uses it to assess teachers performance in pur school building. 

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Essay on an Interview I did
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I have also attached the rubric.


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