Essay Exam

Answer three out of the six questions presented below. Each answer should be a minimum of 250 words, single spaced, and submitted. Please refer to the Essay Exam Rubric for guidelines and expectations.

How did the experiences of African Americans during World War II lay the foundation for the modern civil rights movement?
The civil rights movement gained momentum in the 1950s, nearly 90 years after Reconstruction. Explain why the movement finally took off in the 1950s. What caused it to do so?
The Cold War impacted every aspect of American life. Discuss the domestic implications of the Cold War. Your essay should explain how the Cold War affected higher education, the economy, immigration policy, civil rights, and civil liberties.
Compare the civil rights movement in the South and in the North. Be sure to discuss methods, leadership, and issues that were being addressed as well as the success of each.
How did John F. Kennedy’s foreign policy agenda envision new initiatives aimed at countering Communist influence in the world? How successful was Kennedy’s foreign policy?
Compare the foreign policy agenda of Jimmy Carter with that of Ronald Reagan. Who do you think ultimately improved U.S. relations with the rest of the world?

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