Erp Question Paper

ERP Question Paper Q. I . (A) Write a note on business modeling? (5) (B) What is the impact of Internet and World Wide Web on ERP products? (5) (C) Explain the concept of Supply Chain Management? State its benefits? (5) (D) Write short note on GAP analysis? (5) (or) (D)Explain integrated business model? (5) Q. II . (A)Explain direct and indirect benefits of ERP? (7) (B)Explain Financial Accounting Module? (7) (C) What is BPR? (6) Q. III .
(A) Discuss the purchase order management process? (7) (B)What is data mining? (6) (C)Give importance of package evaluation in the ERP implementation lifecycle? 7) Q. IV. (A)Write a short note on MIS? How it differs from data processing system? (7) (B)Explain any 2 subsystems under HR module? (7) (C)What are the drawbacks of in-house development of ERP? (6) Q. V. (A)Differentiate between Data Mining & Data Warehousing? (7) (B)Describe functions of material management? (7) (C) Write a short note on OLAP? (6) Q. VI . (A)Why end-user training is said to be critical to the success of ERP implementation? (6) (B)Explain the function of shipping module? (6) (C)Explain different phases of ERP implementation lifecycle? (8) Q.
VII . (A) Write short notes on :- (8) i)EIS (Executive Information System) (ii)DSS (Decision Support System ) (B) Distinguish between OLAP & OLTP? (6) (C)Why do ERP implementations fail? (6) Q. VIII . (A)ERP Systems are superior to any legacy system. Explain? (6) (B)How ERP package is evaluated? (8) (C)Explain General Ledger in detail? (6) Q. IX . (A)Describe the vendor evaluation and inventory management activity of material management? (6) (B)Explain how ERP forces the best of practices? (6) (C)Write short note on Lead time and Data Warehousing ? (8) Q.

X . (A)Discuss the reasons for the growth of ERP market? (8) B)Describe the role of the vendor? (6) (C)How is Business Integration achieved through ERP? (6) Q. XI . (A) Justify the statement “The success of ERP evaluation is in the hand of end-users”? (8) (B)Describe the advantages of ERP? (8) (C)Write short note on Just In Time(JIT) inventory? (4) Q. XII . (A)Explain order management in Sales & Distribution module? (8) Q. XIII .
(A)How the ERP package is evaluated? ( 7) (A)Short note on Implementation team training? (5) (A)Explain the role of end user in ERP implementation? (6) (A)What is the purpose of GAP analysis and how the Gaps are fixed? (7)

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