Ergonomics Training Program – 3 Pages Required. 12 Hours – A+ Work


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Ergonomics Training Program – 3 Pages Required. 12 Hours – A+ Work
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In preparation for our chapters on biomechanics and industrial ergonomics, we will begin to research what it takes to implement an ergonomics training program. To begin, you will find the Centers for Disease Control link below to be quite helpful.

Also, as you undertake an investigation of the existing literature on the subject, the USD library online databases (or Google Scholar) should prove useful, as well. I recommend using Google, Google Scholar, and Academic Search as a point of departure. Many of the articles will be full text and will save you a great deal of time.

Briefly answer (and submit to me) your responses to the following questions:

  1. What is an ergonomics program?
  2. What is the primary problem it attempts to address?
  3. How does one even begin to formulate an ergonomics      program?
  4. Are ergonomics training programs usually effective?
  5. For those that are effective, what characteristics do      they seem to share?
  6. What is the work setting where most ergonomics      programs are implemented (i.e., in what industries do ergonomics programs      seem to proliferate)?
  7. Do you see ergonomics programs being integrated with      other industrial engineering tools (e.g., Lean)?
  8. List four considerations that would help us to be      successful in conceptualizing, designing, and implementing our ergonomics      training program within a chosen industry setting?


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