Erase My Back Pain

It gives real time information utilizing  Erase My Back Pain patient feedback in helping to determine if one or more intervertebral disk are abnormal and symptomatic. The information obtained can either help a patient avoid surgery or determine what minimally invasive or surgical treatment is most appropriate. It is recommended by many pain specialists and surgeons in the care of their patients.It is well known that chronic pain can cause depression. Now it is becoming increasingly understood that the relationship goes the other way as well a study by Dr. Linda Carroll found that people with depression are four times as likely to experience serious back and neck pain than people without depression. The study can be found in the journal Pain.

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Erase My Back Pain
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Depression is an emotional disorder that includes physical symptoms. These symptoms are real the pain is not imaginary. People with depression often experience muscle and joint pain headaches chronic back pain neck pain and digestive difficulties. There are a couple of viable explanations for these symptoms.Depression and Passivity There are two main approaches to pain management one says Let’s work it out and the other says Avoid anything that causes pain The first can be characterized as the active approach whereas the latter is passive.


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